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Church Staff

Congregational Leadership
St. Paul Lutheran Church is comprised of five leadership teams to focus the spiritual gifts and efforts of our members for service.
Ministry Leadership Team
The MLT focuses on education, youth ministry, local and global missions, worship and music.

Spiritual Leadership Team
The SLT is responsible for the overall spiritual, physical, and emotional care of the congregation, it's family groups, and the surrounding community.

Operational Leadership Team
The OLT centers its gifts and skills to care for and maintain the smooth operation of the main congregation campus and the north Denton church property known as the Mesquite Retreat.

Fellowship Leadership Team
FLT is responsible for the hospitality needs of the congregation for various occasions and special outreach events throughout the year.

Christian Learning Center Leadership Team
The St. Paul CLC Leadership team supports the efforts of the Learning Center directors and staff and help connect the members of the congregation with the children and families of the learning center.

Church Council
Each of the above leadership team leaders join with the executive council members (President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer) and Called Staff (Pastor, DCE) to carry out the overall vision and planning for St. Paul.